The Truth About Mindfulness

The concept of “practicing mindfulness” has grown in popularity in the last decade. Mindfulness for kids, mindfulness to quit smoking, mindful eating, mindfulness at the office—it’s become a catch-all buzzword.

With claims that mindfulness can cure everything from addiction to anxiety, it’s no surprise that people from all walks of life are becoming students of mindfulness.

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Are You Using the Best Time Tracking System for Your Organization?

Written by Alex Tolbert. Alex is the founder and CEO of BerniePortal, the founder of Bernard Health and an EO Nashville member. The following article appeared on the BerniePortal blog. This column was originally published in HR Technologist.

If you have hourly employees, you know how important it is to keep an accurate and compliant record of employee hours.

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Startup Owners: Have You Considered This Often-Overlooked Growth Strategy?

Written for EO by Michael Kiel, a serial entrepreneur.

Startups often focus most of their attention on securing funding from potential investors. That’s not a bad strategy—particularly considering how much money it takes to get a business off the ground. However, there might be another strategic partnership that can benefit small businesses seeking exposure: partnering with bigger brands.

Yes, bigger brands might be your competition.

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When Parenting and Entrepreneuring Meet: 5 Critical Lessons

Sleepless nights, assessing (and reassessing), pivoting, negotiating, anticipating, spending … Are these keywords describing entrepreneurship or parenting? For all the parents who are entrepreneurs out there, you probably know these endeavors run in parallel.

If parenting is akin to entrepreneurship, what entrepreneurial lessons have you learned from your kids? Here’s what a few EO members shared with Octane.


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A Year Abroad Brought us F2F with the Power of Parenting

Written for EO by Russell Benaroya, a member of EO Seattle and currently the owner of Stride, a fully managed back office accounting and HR services company helping high growth organizations move forward faster.

My wife is a parenting coach and educator, a licensed therapist and a social worker. And I’m an entrepreneur. I see the world through a lens of abundance and possibility. You would think that we had this kid thing all under control.

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The Book that Reveals 10 Steps to Solving Any Complex Problem

In their book Cracking Complexity, David Komlos and David Benjamin share the steps to working through any complex business problem—both quickly and using existing talent, not consultants.

When asked how they developed this groundbreaking formula, they say, “We didn’t create the formula out of whole cloth; we stood on the shoulders of both obscure and mainstream luminaries like Warren McCulloch, W.

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6 Tips for Hiring and Keeping the Right Team Members

As director and part-owner of the recruiting agency Sharp & Carter, Anthony Holdstock understands the value of building and maintaining a strong team. “Businesses that are driven by people and legacy, as opposed to profit and growth, tend to keep people for longer,” he explains. His approach to hiring has helped grow his business significantly.

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Learning to Say No—In Order to Grow

Written for EO by Chris Bray, founder and CEO of BiG Media, an innovation firm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and unlock new revenue streams for content creation and distribution companies.

I remember the first time I turned down an offer. For my first few years in the TV business, I had taken every behind-the-camera gig that came my way. But when I was presented with simultaneously occurring jobs, I had to make a choice.

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“Do I Have to Offer Severance Pay?”

The following article originally appeared on the BerniePortal blog, as part of its human resources (HR) best practices blog series. BerniePortal is a human resources platform developed by EO member Alex Tolbert. 

Navigating the world of human resources (HR) can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a blog series to answer common HR questions.

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