How to Spot and Eliminate Nincompoopery at Your Business

John Brandt, CEO and founder of The MPI Group and author of Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers Hate You—and How to Fix It, recently answered questions on customer satisfaction, hiring, innovation and leading change. 

What is Nincompoopery?

It’s the corporate stupidity that drives customers crazy, and keeps everyone—customers, employees, managers and business owners—from getting what they want.

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How to Accept Challenges and Thrive Alongside Business Risk

Written for EO by David Disiere.

Fear of failure can have significant sway over entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own startups. But imagine what would be possible if failure were completely and utterly avoidable. Further, imagine what would be possible if failure did not hold anyone back.

I spent decades as a sort of an insurance vagabond, drifting from role to role.

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Practical Ways that Canadian Startups Can Go Global (Without Leaving Home)

Written for EO by Manny Padda an entrepreneur, angel investor and philanthropist who won the 2016 Canadian Angel of the Year Award. As an EO Vancouver member, he was the 2017 Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Citizen of the Year Award. 

If you’re from Canada and have traveled abroad, you’ve probably got one somewhere—a beat-up maple leaf patch that is sewn onto your backpack or jacket.

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3 Ways to Apply an Agile Mindset

Written for EO by Sarah Fruy, director of online marketing at Pantheon Platform.

I admit it. I was a traditionalist. For a long time, I followed a one-step-at-a-time approach to project management.

All my efforts went to seeing the end product through—not knowing whether it would even be successful after launch. I would spend lengthy cycles working toward a goal. I found it difficult to say no when new projects came across my desk, and my timelines would get derailed.

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From Rookie to Rainmaker and Over the Rainbow

Lesley Waterkeyn together with her sister Sandy van Dijk published an easy-to-follow reference guide for all those “what-ifs” experienced along the entrepreneurial gauntlet—from startup phase and on. We asked her more about her new book, The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: From Rookie to Rainmaker in Seven Steps.

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My Journey as EO Global Chair

We recently spoke with Rosemarie “Bubu” Andres about her term as the FY2018/2019 EO Global Chair. Bubu is a proud EO Philippines member and co-founder of Candy Corner, the number one source of quality candies and chocolates in the Philippines.

What inspired you to seek the position of Global Chair?

There were many things.

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Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

David Cusimano shares how he worked through the stages of hearing and actually doing a key piece of advice for business owners. 

If you’re like most business owners who often search for opportunities and business advice at odd hours of the night, you’ve probably come across the advice that you should spend more time “working on your business, not in your business.”

Hearing this advice, accepting it and actually living it are three distinct stages.

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5 Critical Steps to Solving Your Business Problems for Good

Written for EO by Todd Smart, an experienced entrepreneur, the co-founder at Traction® Tools and an EO member since 1992. 

Are you a small business entrepreneur whose leadership team lacks cohesion or focus? Or maybe you’re running a start-up that can’t reach your next revenue goal? Is your company’s leadership team constantly seeing the same issues popping up?

You’re not alone! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Follow Your Curiosity and Success Will Follow

Written by Michael Weitz, co-founder of Virtuozo and EO Israel member. 

What advice would I share with young entrepreneurs today? That’s easy to answer. Follow your strange curiosities. For me they have been, as in the Harry Potter realm, a veritable Felix Felicis (though without the possible toxic side effects).

For example, in high school I was strong in leadership and biology. I’m sure my parents had fantasies about me going into medicine or perhaps biotech.

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