Follow Your Curiosity and Success Will Follow

Written by Michael Weitz, co-founder of Virtuozo and EO Israel member. 

What advice would I share with young entrepreneurs today? That’s easy to answer. Follow your strange curiosities. For me they have been, as in the Harry Potter realm, a veritable Felix Felicis (though without the possible toxic side effects).

For example, in high school I was strong in leadership and biology. I’m sure my parents had fantasies about me going into medicine or perhaps biotech.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Their Families

When we asked EO members to share how being a parent and an entrepreneur overlap for them, we heard from Joel Patterson, a member of EO Dallas and founder of The Vested Group. Joel shared his secret for work-life balance.

“As any entrepreneur will tell you, finding true work and family balance is virtually impossible. Like most of us, I’ve wrestled with it for years. I would try all kinds of things, but nothing ever stuck. So I got frustrated. Thankfully, I didn’t give up.

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Should You Fear Outsourcing Your Software Development?

Yes. But only if you are not clear on how to make the correct partner selection. Written by Mike Scott, co-founder and CEO of NONA, a software development studio based in South Africa.

Software development is still a ‘dark art’ for many founders, executives and business decision-makers, and yet it can be absolutely critical to the success of your business.

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Best Countries in Asia-Pacific for Startups

Have you ever wondered where you’d have the best chance at start-up success in the APAC region? Researchers at ValueChampion analyzed publically available economic data—including the cost of doing business, business environment and quality of labor force—in order to rank the top 12 countries for entrepreneurs. The original article appeared on ValueChampion’s blog here.

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Why Your Family Needs to Develop Core Values

The benefit of core values goes far beyond the workplace, explains Marc Gutman. Marc is an EO Colorado member, the founder of WILDSTORY, and father to Ruby, Charlie and Nathan.

Many of us have core values at our organizations. These values provide a common nomenclature and a North Star that guide our choices, our language and our priorities—at work. It’s these values that let us know we are working toward a  shared mission—at work.

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Worried About Regulation? How to Prep Your Business Early for Lifelong Compliance

Written for EO by Jim Moran, founder and managing partner of ValueStreet Equity Partners.

Shortly after the European Union enacted its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), France’s regulators fined Google $57 million for violating the privacy law. That fine might not be a huge deal for a company the size of Google, but the message to the world was loud and clear: All companies will be held accountable for compliance.

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What I’ve Learned From 20 Years as an EO Member

In 1988, Randy Nelson was one of the founding members of the Raleigh-Durham chapter of EO. He remained a member for nearly 20 years and recently transitioned to an EO Strategic Partner (SAP) in 2018. Randy is a graduate of EO Birthing of Giants (now known as EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program) and EO/London Business School program. 

Randy has helped many EO members with his transformational and thought-provoking ideas.

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Happy Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money

Ken Honda is the author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money. He is a bestselling author of self-development books and has sold more than seven million copies worldwide.

While his financial expertise comes from owning and managing several businesses, his writing spans topics that include finance and self-help, focusing on creating and generating personal wealth and happiness through deeper self-honesty.

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

By Miranda Naiman, accidental entrepreneur, motivational speaker, member of the EO Tanzania chapter and founder of Empower Limited, a Tanzanian human capital consultancy firm.

It is mind-boggling how much time and money is invested in “strategy” at many companies—with some larger organizations even hiring a full-time person or team to oversee “strategy and innovation.” While commendable, this effort to invest in strategy doesn’t work unless the company also focuses on culture.

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